Swipe Right

Camilla Percy (Aus)

Note: Participants in this workshop will be considered for the cast of the show of the same name.

This workshop is aimed at intermediate improvisers. Qualities traditionally associated with femininity such as emotional attunement, willingness to be vulnerable, supportiveness and accommodation of others are too often undervalued in improvised performance. This workshop is for all improvisers who want to get in touch with and shore up these qualities to create spontaneous moments of connection, both comedic and dramatic (you never know which one it will be!). We will work on breaking down barriers to connection and vulnerability in improvised performance.

N.B. While all improvisers are welcome to participate in the workshop, only women and non-binary folks will be considered for the show.

Camilla Percy

Cam is a tertiary-qualified teacher who has directed, performed, taught and trained in improvisation both around Australia and internationally. She originally trained with ImproMafia which inspired her to seek out study under Keith Johnstone, and has since taught and directed her original format, Swipe Right, at the Improvention festival in Canberra and the Shanghai Improv Festival in 2016. Cam has held the position of Training Director for ImproMafia since 2014. She has since set her sights on helping develop budding creatives through improvisation. Cam lives for the moments between performers when they forget themselves and unveil the world.