Stories of the Darkest Night

Ali Little (NZ) and Susan Williams (NZ)

Note: Participants in this workshop will be considered for the cast of the show of the same name.

A world created with only sound. A large group shared ‘points of view’ tale, starting with a soundscape, and using foley created with voice and bodies, roughly in the style of Spoon River. Performers (and audience) may well be blindfolded, certainly the stage will only barely lit, perhaps occasionally washed by colour as the story unfolds. The cast work together, listening, never talking over each other, building piece by piece the story of a time and a place and a cast of characters, using only their voices.

This workshop will build participants’ listening and collaborative skills to create a story with many points of view. Exercises will strengthen voices to create distinct characters, and create a convincing soundscape to evoke their world.

Ali Little

Ali Little

Since Ali discovered improv a decade or so ago she has performed in and produced shows, made short movies, built puppets, masks, a gorilla and a small tardis. She has travelled to learn from Loose Moose in Canada and the Maydays in the UK. As a teacher she has led workshops for emergency management staff, community groups, mask-makers and festival participants, as well as regularly teaching new improvisers in the very same community education space she joined her own first improv class. Ali is convener for the Meetup group Wimprov and a creative co-director for the Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT).

Susan Williams

Susan has been acting and performing for 2/3 of her life; she even has a certificate and diploma in performing arts to prove it.

Susan lives in Wellington, is a member of WIT, acts in plays, and makes pottery. The best way to make her happy is to say the words “Doctor Who”, and the best way to make her do something is to tell her she can’t do it because of her functional blindness.

Although she has been improvising for several years, this will be her first NZIF, and she is very excited about it.