Sliding Doors

Nikkie Karki (NZ)

Note: Participants in this workshop will be considered for the cast of the show of the same name.

In this workshop you will learn the skills and format to present Sliding Doors. This is a really good concept to develop and strengthen advancing the story one logical step at a time, trusting other players to support you, and quick thinking. It also needs good character work and scenes where the relationships are strong and well known. We will use exercises to help develop strong characters and focus on the next logical step, particularly learning how to go from one reality to another with the same characters but in different scenarios depending on what they did or didn’t do at the sliding doors moment. What happens next?

Nikkie Karki

Nikkie Karki

Nikkie Karki was one of the founder members of the improv show The Deep End in Nelson for 5 years, performing short form comedy. With this company she performed shows regularly and tried out different formats, such as Into the light and The Map. She now plays with The People’s Republic of Improv, performing regularly at Ghost Light Theatre.