Playing with yourself: Solo exercises for learning to be comfortable and have fun at all times!

Jeremy Strasser (Aus)

Many beginning and intermediate improvisers feel intimidated playing with people they don’t know very well. This workshop provides exercises to develop a personal practice of solo improvisation that will build playfulness, skills and confidence.

Participants get the tools to learn to play with THEMSELVES. By practicing these exercises performers will learn how to be comfortable out-there-on-their-own and how to inspire themselves. Exercises build three streams of creativity: physical, verbal and emotional.

This kind of personal practice eventually leads to greater comfort and joy on stage - with any partner (or none at all!)

Jeremy Strasser

Jeremy Strasser

Jeremy has been improvising across Australia and Canada since 2004. He got his start with the Canadian Improv Games and the Improv Camp: he got the bug, and hasn’t stopped since. He performed with Theatre Ste Catherine’s weekly Sunday Night Improv in Montreal, and was president of McGill Improv for 2006-2009. He also taught at Theatre Cambrian’s Summer Drama Camp and was a judge and MC for the Canadian Improv Games. He now lives in Canberra, where he co-founded The Modern Gentlemen sketch and improv trio, and most recently produced Love Story for the 3, 2, 1 Improv! Festival. He has performed in countless shows, including at Improvention and Canberra Unscripted festivals. He currently plays with Lightbulb Improv.