Personal Storytelling for Stage

Merrilee McCoy (Aus)

In today’s culture we’re hyper-connected online, whilst increasingly disconnected from those physically surrounding us. But, why share your personal story on stage?

Storytelling is so vital and so powerful - because stories build bridges for us to empathise, to relate, and most importantly to genuinely connect with those around us. To share stories is a fundamental human trait that transcends borders and cultures.

In this workshop, you’ll learn practical tools to find stories from your own life, to shape and refine them, and you’ll gain confidence to share them with others.

Takeaways: * Understanding the lessons/chapters from your own life - recognising your personal value and resilience. * Understanding narrative structure, creating stakes and building character. * Knowledge of how to refine and shape personal stories. * Increased confidence in public speaking as yourself.

Merrilee McCoy

Merrilee McCoy

Merrilee McCoy is a ‘multipotentialite’ with over fifteen years experience in the creative industries both on and off stage. She has performed and taught improv in Australia, NZ, and the USA. Merrilee’s also written and directed Sketch comedy shows, and been on the inside of several large festivals.

Merrilee currently works with NYC storytelling powerhouse The Moth to coordinate their Melbourne StorySLAMs, and in her own creative consultancy helping businesses get better at sharing their stories.