On The Spot Musicals

Bryce Halliday (Aus)

The workshop is designed to cater to beginner levels of musical ability, but we cover a lot of material in the 3 hours. We start with some basic vocal technique, move into call-and-response games with improvised harmony, we learn new techniques for creating a variety of moods and genres and we talk about some of the great tropes of Broadway Musicals and Opera which we can use in our improv.

Towards the end of the workshop we unpack rhyming schemes you can use in-the-moment and practice structures you can use to give your improvised singing a musical arc. We finish the workshop with as much musical scene work as we can possibly fit.

Bryce Halliday

Bryce Halliday

For the last six years Bryce Halliday has been Sydney’s go-to improv musician. He has played hundreds of shows, everything from the grungiest pub shows imaginable to leading a 5-piece improv band for Australia’s National Theatresports Championships. Bryce is recently returned from a trip to Chicago where he played music for shows at the Improv Olympic Theatre and worked with music directors at iO and Second City. When he’s not improvising, his music can be heard in video games (Particulars, Birdsketball), theatre (SFJ’s Antigone and Julius Caesar) and on ABC Radio Comedy where he is also a producer (Alice Fraser Trilogy, Little Tiny).