Love Isthmus: Dystopia Edition

Christine Brooks (NZ)

Note: Participants in this workshop will be considered for the cast of the show of the same name.

This workshop plays in the genre of relationship-based reality TV (think Love Island; The Bachelor etc) but with the stakes of a dystopia where contestants are playing for their lives and elimination = death. We will be combining honest grounded relationship scene work with the context of absurd/heightened settings and world building, plus we will be looking at complicity of the audience in this world as well. The show that comes from this workshop will hopefully deliver an immersive theatre experience for the audience with high stakes and committed and grounded relationships. I envision most or all workshop attendees being involved with the show performance (if they wish to – it’s not compulsory!).

Christine Brooks

Christine Brooks

Christine Brooks has been improvising for over 20 years. She has taught, directed and performed improvised theatre around the world. She is a founding member of the New Zealand Improvisation Trust and former Artistic Director of the New Zealand Improv Festival. She is a member of Playshop and No Nombre.

The theatre she loves is relationship focused, grounded in honesty and with full commitment, playfulness, silliness and the embracing of happy failure. She is passionate about creating inclusive theatre and has a body of work that focuses on gender in improvised theatre.