ImprovFX - Technology and Improvisational Theatre

Ben Keane (Aus)

Let’s give the audience a great show through great impro/improv and add to the themes or entertainment factor of your show with a visual and audio experience. Let’s explore how technology can enhance and enrich the audiences experience as well as assist the Improvisers. We will use Ben’s self-written Interactive improvisational software (ImprovFX) to explore how technology can assist you in your show! ImprovFX is a key part of the award-winning Sci Fi comedy improv show, Infinite Skies as a part of Anywhere Theatre Festival 2018. Ask yourself – how can video, audio, colours, sound effects, text enhance your production?

Ben Keane

Ben Keane

Ben Keane is an improviser, inventor, Electronic Engineer, and director. Only starting improv in February 2017, Ben has created and co-directed an award winning Improvised Sci Fi comedy at the Brisbane planetarium, as a part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival, and performed in the Brisbane Comedy Festival 2018 with Big Fork Theatre’s Cool Story Bro.

Ben blends his passion for improv and performance, with his day job as an Electronic Engineer, and has created interactive improvisational software (ImprovFX) which was premiered in the Infinite Skies show projecting images and effects onto the walls of the Sir Thomas Planetarium.