Heartfelt High

Luke Rimmelzwaan (Aus)

Note: Participants in this workshop will be considered for the cast of the show of the same name.

Head back to school with Heartfelt High, where the spunkrats, drama kids and drongos are hanging out behind the bike shed. But there is nothing sus going on Sir, honest!

The show is based in the world of teenagers as inspired by such shows as Heartbreak High and DeGrassi. It is a ‘low obligation’ format, which mean that there are no set beats the cast have to hit or particular resolutions the show has to come to. We follow what is interesting to the performers in the show, the things that inspire them and bring them joy. The keywords in thinking about the show are sincerity, silliness and sweetness. It is a comedy show but it is good to be able to balance that out with some poignancy. We will be play for truth, but a heightened, silly and joyful truth that will allow us to play with tone.

The show is a way of teaching players how to build non-directed narrative shows where you aren’t worried about ‘what happens next’; they learn to focus on what is happening now and how narrative builds naturally out of characters playing for truth. The performers generally only play one or two characters in the show, a teenager who goes by their first name (eg Luke) and an adult character who could be a parent, teacher, police etc who goes by their last name (eg Mr Rimmelzwaan).

The takeaways from the workshop are two fold. One is being able to build characters who are driven by emotion and connection to other players. The other is to help people create narrative shows that follow the fun and the emotional journey rather than feeling like it has to hit ‘set’ outcomes.

Luke Rimmelzwaan

Luke Rimmelzwaan

Luke is a founding member of ImproMafia and has been improvising for nigh on twenty years. He has performed and taught improvisation around Australia and the world including in Taipei, Manilla, Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne. He has developed many new improvised shows in a wide range of styles including Martini Time, Rock Pigs, Hooking Up, Not 4 Kidz and Tales from the Old Country. His has also performed circus with Tofulama and directed operas, musicals and short films as well as appearing in a number of shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar, King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing and Lovepuke. Luke is also a founder and co-creator of the the impro/v conversation series Scenes from a Chat.