Swipe Right

Camilla Percy (Aus)

They don’t know what they want, or who they want it from, but they’ll keep swiping right until they find out.

What piece of advice would you give yourself if you could go back to (or stand back from) your twenties? Chances are these women aren’t following it…

Swipe Right is about the mistakes women make in their 20s and the friends who are there to catch them. Make sure you come early, as YOUR real-life (anonymous) advice and romantic mishaps will inspire the characters and story of each show.

Camilla Percy

Cam is a tertiary-qualified teacher who has directed, performed, taught and trained in improvisation both around Australia and internationally. She originally trained with ImproMafia which inspired her to seek out study under Keith Johnstone, and has since taught and directed her original format, Swipe Right, at the Improvention festival in Canberra and the Shanghai Improv Festival in 2016. Cam has held the position of Training Director for ImproMafia since 2014. She has since set her sights on helping develop budding creatives through improvisation. Cam lives for the moments between performers when they forget themselves and unveil the world.