Jonathan Briden (NZ)

Strangers is a unique, unscripted comedy-drama devised by veteran improviser Jonathan Briden, exploring the moment when two strangers meet. It may be a fleeting moment of connection, the start of a whirlwind romance, or the beginning of a deadly rivalry.

Watch as our actors create beautiful moments of humour, heartbreak, and humanity in an unscripted exploration into the genesis of relationship.

Jonathan Briden

Jonathan Briden

Jonathan Briden is an improvisation teacher with over 30 years experience. He is the current Artistic Director of Impulse Theatre (Christchurch). He teaches improvisation classes, twice a week, for both beginners and experienced improvisers, and has also taught improvisation in England, Canada, Australia, and Argentina. He directs and performs on a regular basis. He is also an experienced mask maker and performer, working under the guidance of Steve Jarand and Pauline Calmé. He regularly attends festivals and workshops with other international teachers, to upskill and share ideas. His improvisation teaching focuses on removing obligations so that the performer can explore and discover freely, fully engaged, and in the moment.