Sliding Doors

Nikkie Karki (NZ)

Have you ever thought: if only you had not missed the bus that day or taken that job offer, that your life would be different depending on which path you had taken?

Inspired by the film of the same name, Sliding Doors will play out a story with the sliding doors moment decided by you, and will continue to follow your suggestions along two different pathways played out one scene after the other for each life path. Where will we go? Nobody knows until the night! Be a part of the revelation and come along!

Nikkie Karki

Nikkie Karki

Nikkie Karki was one of the founder members of the improv show The Deep End in Nelson for 5 years, performing short form comedy. With this company she performed shows regularly and tried out different formats, such as Into the light and The Map. She now plays with The People’s Republic of Improv, performing regularly at Ghost Light Theatre.