Off the Map

Brendon Bennetts (NZ)

A good-natured improv show in the style of The Castle, Off the Map is set in a fictional kiwi town, and shows the interlinked lives of the curious characters that live there. This show was first performed at NZIF 2009, and we are delighted to host its return.

Presented by The Court Jesters (past and present).

Brendon Bennetts

Brendon Bennetts

Brendon Bennetts has been teaching and directing improv for the Court Jesters since 2002. He hosts comedy quiz podcast THE NERD DEGREE, teaches high school English, and in his spare time writes plays. Brendon is proud to have performed at NZIF every year since it started.

The Court Jesters are a Christchurch based improv group that have been performing their signature show- Scared Scriptless- since 1990.