Livin’ La Impro Loca

Matias Avaca (NZ)

New Zealand’s very own Spanish-language improv company brings an incredible bilingual event to Wellington! Improvisors from Impro Teatro along with NZIF ensemble guests will create never-before-seen magic in multiple languages. Will they get their wires crossed? Will they find common understanding? Por que no los dos!?

Matias Avaca

Matias Avaca

Matias Avaca was born in Mendoza (Argentina). He has been involved in the Improv world since 2013, when he joined the project called “Liga Mendocina de Improvisación”. This project is to date considered the “biggest Improv show in the world”, with a cast of over 100 actors.

Once settled in New Zealand, Matias started a project called “Impro Teatro Nueva Zelanda”, an Improv group made up by Spanish speaking actors. In parallel, Matias joined The Cover Theatre and performed as part of the 2018 NZ International Comedy Festival.